who we are

At Mavook we pride ourselves on our dedicated team of passionate individuals. Each with their own unique qualities, wonderful character, and creative drive. Contact us today to get in direct communication with one of our awesome team members.

Passionate Creatives

At Mavook, we don't look for fancy college degrees. We look for passion. A passion for creating and a passion for making our members feel special. 

We call our employees “Creative Masterminds” because we know that they too are creative individuals, each with their own unique specialties. So we aim to foster an environment where they can chase their passions and make a living while doing so.

Meet Our Designers

Maverick Moses is the Founder and Lead Designer of Mavook. He has over six years of web design experience and loves making his clients feel special when they look at their completed website in wonder.

Heather Elizabeth is a world traveler with a background in graphic design. She came to Mavook eager to learn the art of creating a website and she's already proven to be a passionate addition to the Mavook team.

The Mavook Team Culture

  • Passion for what we do. 
  • Individuality... With the support of a team behind you.
  • Family like atmosphere.
  • Imagination... Of design and of the future.

Working at Mavook

Be a Creative Mastermind at a job you're passionate about and help create a world where other creative individuals can chase their dreams too. Explore your creative passion for design and experience the joy of building something stunning out of nothing.

Say goodbye to cubicle work and earn a living from the comfort of your home.

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Ready to Make Your Website Dream a Reality?

Contact Mavook today to get started and we'll guide you through the website creation process step by step to ensure that you can sit back, relax, go back to pursuing your passion, and let us bring your vision to life.