Finding the perfect domain for your business is one of the first steps in creating a website. It's important to consider your brand name and be as concise as possible. Domains typically cost around $10/year, but with Mavook, your domain registration is free for the first year!

What is a Domain?

A domain is quite literally the name of your website. It's just another word for it...

Domains are registered for on a yearly basis and are typically around $10/year. With Mavook, that cost goes away for your first year though.

You can register for a domain on any number of platforms, but we would suggest either getting one through Namecheap (so you're in control) or getting one through us (so you don't have to lift a finger). 

Mavook Pays for Your Domain

Use our tool below to search for your ideal domain name. If it's available, click on "Register Now" after your search to get started with getting your domain...

We'll repay you for the cost of your domain for the 1st year! (Up to $15 value)

Don't want to purchase your domain on Namecheap and want to do it with us instead? No problem! Just talk to your designer and we'll purchase it for you, so you don't have to lift a finger.

Domain Name Search

Don't have a domain yet? You can easily check the availability of your desired domain below...

Tip: We recommend trying to get a .com domain name as these are the most common and more easily trusted by the average website visitor.

Getting a Domain Email

After becoming a member of Mavook and getting on one of our hosting plans, we'll create a custom domain email for you, using your webiste name.

This is what will immediately set you apart from other small businesses and individuals because it instantly creates a more professional appearance to your brand. 

Common emails are,, and But you can get whatever email you like.

Click here to learn more about domain emails...

Ready to Make Your Website Dream a Reality?

Contact Mavook today to get started and we'll guide you through the website creation process step by step to ensure that you can sit back, relax, go back to pursuing your passion, and let us bring your vision to life.