Domain emails

Get a free custom domain email set up with forwarding connection to a Gmail account to showcase a professional appearance (ie:

What is a Domain Email?

A domain email allows you to create and manage an email address with your website name.

Say goodbye to showing a Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or whatever other email provider our there to your potential customers. Although these are trusted email providers, sending your customers emails from one of these accounts will instantly make you look unprofessional in their eyes. That's where having a domain email comes in.

If you're going to be sending or receiving any emails from potential customers, having a domain email that showcases your brand in a professional light can be extremely beneficial.

What Makes Mavook Different

When we set up your domain email, we also set up a separate Gmail account that you'll be able to use to receive and send emails. This is an awesome feature for our members because it allows you to check your business emails easily from anywhere, without having to log into strange and obscure email providers.

Domain emails are especially important to have if you plan to do any email marketing. In our Small Business and Elite hosting plans, we'll even set up a MailChimp account for you and connect it to your website and domain email, so your customers will know exactly who you are.

Easy Email Marketing

  • Collect emails from Sign Up forms on your website.
  • Connect these forms to your MailChimp account.
  • Send beautiful and professional marketing campaigns to your list, addressed from your custom domain email.

Flexibility for Growing Businesses

We want to foster an environment in which our members can feel comfortable growing and scaling their business upwards.

That's why we increase the number of custom domain emails you can get as our hosting plans get higher. We even offer them as a stand alone service so you don't have to upgrade your hosting just to receive a new domain email. You can have a "name@", "sales@", "admin@", "careers@", or whatever other name your entrepreneurial heart desires. Just contact your designer and we'll discuss your options.

Ready to Make Your Website Dream a Reality?

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