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Be a Creative Mastermind at a job you're passionate about and help create a world where other creative individuals can chase their dreams too.


Explore your creative passion for design and experience the joy of building something stunning out of nothing.


Learn new skills with ongoing training and advance in Mavook with our Cross Specialty Training after 1 year of employment.

work from home

Say goodbye to cubicle work and earn a living from the comfort of your home, a coffee shop, or wherever you get WiFi.

Our Creative Culture

  • Passionate Individuals

We call our employees “Creative Masterminds” because we know that they are passionate Creatives. So we want to foster an environment where they can live their passions too.

  • Prosperity - From Our MVP

In our MVP statement, we seek to build full-time financial success for passionate Creatives. Which includes creating opportunities for our Creative Masterminds to earn a living doing what they love.

  • Caring Customer Service

At Mavook, every employee must interact with our customers in some way. So we aim to create an environment in which our clients can feel comfortable coming to us with their concerns.


  • Ongoing Training

As technology advances and our business evolves, so too will your skills and competency in new programs with our ongoing training.

  • Cross Specialty Training

After working at Mavook for 1 year, you’ll be given the option to train in other specialities so that you can advance to higher positions and salaries.


  • Work from Home

All of our Creative Masterminds, whether part-time or full-time, get to benefit from working in the comfort of their own homes, easily from their computers.

  • Mavook Website

We encourage our employees to pursue their own creative endeavors, so we pay for their own website to be created and hosted by Mavook as long as they’re working for us.

  • Holidays Off

People should be spending time with friends and families on holidays, so we make that easy by automatically giving our employees time off on holidays.

  • 3 Weeks Paid-Time-Off

Our full-time Creative Masterminds benefit from our generous gift of 15 PTO days per year and are able to start digging into those days after the first 4 months of employment at Mavook.

  • Online Fitness Subscription

If you’re already working from home, you might as well workout from home too. Because we value wellness of mind and body, we pay for a fitness subscription with AloMoves for our full-time Creative Masterminds.

  • Tri-Annual Massage Paid For

Relax and unwind, letting your mind refresh. We encourage self-care and wellness of mind and body by paying for a massage three times a year (every 4 months) for our full-time Creative Masterminds to enjoy. 


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